About the festival: on the other side of the screen

This interview with Anna Kurinnaya was published Montenegro portal portalpress.

Ukraine is becoming an increasingly important market for Montenegro as visitors from that country take fourth place in terms of foreign tourists’ overnight stays during 2018. According to the representatives of the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, over the last year, about 90,000 tourists from Ukraine have visited Montenegro, having realized about 483,000 nights, which is an increase of almost 10% compared to 2017.

Montenegro in Ukraine during the current year was presented by both National Tourism Organization employees and individuals. At the International Festival of Arts and Travels in Kharkiv, the video “Montenegro” won the citizens of Kharkov, hosts, but also all participants, with shots of the natural beauties and tourist attractions of our country.

Festival President Ana Kurinaja, gladly responded to our invitation. She did not hide her enthusiasm for our country. Among other things, she told us that she would be happy to visit all the destinations shown in the video “Montenegro”

Do you want to tell us information about where you work, and what you do in the Kharkiv festival?

Festival president– Anna Kurinnaya – Associate Professor, Candidate of Art Criticism, Head of the School of Dramatic Art and Screenwriting (Kharkiv, Ukraine), screenwriter. The author of 50 printed works devoted.

The Author of the idea and Festival prezident of the I Kharkiv international festival of arts and travel (Kharkiv, Ukraine).

How many movies have applied for your festival this year, and how many countries competed?

This year the festival received 1276 applications from 102 countries of the world.

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