About festival

About festival

festival-competition of creative people, whose focus projects are connected with the subject of travel;
competent evaluation of performances by an international contest jury;
workshops and meet-the-artist sessions by professionals on the arts and tourism.

The slogan of this season is:
“Let`s get to the top!”

Our festival is a competition of masters and their works. It a live festival. The audience comes to a movie theater to visit it and see the works with their own eyes. The jury members are present in persons at the showing as well. It is indeed important for us to show the people that behind the screen, behind those beautiful frame pictures and professional works there is not a robot, but the real human. The real one! The same human as you and me and all of us. It represents the special value and the spirit of our festival – the people, who celebrate it, both particitants and the audience.

The world is beautiful. And that is the most important among the things that we want to say while bringing our festival to life. Just take a look around you, and you’ll see. The beauty is everywhere.

Kharkiv is the biggest Ukrainian city (after its capital – Kyiv) with rich history, culture, traditions, beautiful nature and the last, but not least, very hospitable people. Also, of course, it’s touristic city with a lot things to see. And we do have something to show to our tourists: unique sightseeing routes, historic buildings, culture, food and many more other things. Ukraine itself is a very beautiful country.


Welcome to the IV Kharkiv International Festival of Arts and Travel!

Welcome to Kharkiv! Welcome to Ukraine!