We are started

Hello! This is K.I.F.A.T.!

We dedicate this project to everyone who, like us, is in love with travel and art. Or rather, in travel, as in art! And in art, as in travel!

Maybe we even met with you. At that moment when you photographed the blue sea of ​​Egypt, or painted the houses of Old Tbilisi with watercolors, or shot a film about the greatness of the Caspian Sea off the coast of Baku, or fantasized about your new scenario in Paris … So were you?

You see how small the world is! And how beautiful he is!

We dedicate this project to those who have traveled hitchhiking in forty countries (and this is not the limit!), Who continued to dream of distant countries even when the pocket was empty … For those who walked, flew, rode, ran, crawled to their dream ! And from each trip he returned to others – filled, inspired, well, and somehow different, the best! But he certainly returned home.

And then, having returned, the world of your home was filled with beautiful photographs, paintings, poems, stories … with the smell of cardamom or ripe figs, with the smell of the sea or mountains …
And wherever you are now, climbing the highest mountain, feeling a rush of happiness … remember us! We’re! We are there so that you can tell the whole world how beautiful it is from above!

Hiiii! This is K.I.F.A.T.!

For as O. Henry once said, “Hurry up to see the world! He is beautiful of any dream!”