Friends! We continue the mission of supporting and popularizing Ukrainian screen art on the topic of traveling abroad!

Recently, at the invitation of Mr. Can Saraçoğlu (president of the Committee and the world-famous festival – International TOURISM FILM FESTIVAL), we visited Turkey with a business mission. Where they met with colleagues from different countries of the world – Turkey, Ukraine, USA, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Georgia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Tunisia, Oman, etc. – professional managers of festivals, directors, screenwriters, actors, producers and art critics.

This event was held with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey.

Conference dedicated to the organization of festivals of screen art (world experience) and presentation of video works

The organizers of the International Tourism Film Festival warmly and very harmoniously conducted this meeting (which, in turn, is very difficult after the painful losses from the recent tragedy – a powerful earthquake). And, thereby, they proved that Art is really needed at all times by all countries of the world! (Because “Art is medicine”! This opinion arose as a result of conferences and exchange of views with foreign colleagues.)

Great gratitude also to all the Organizers, and Mr. Can Saraçoğlu personally, to all foreign colleagues and friends, for the high appreciation of our Team’s work and the award we got!

We are grateful to UNESCO Ambassador and Director General of the CINETOUR Committee, Maurizio Aronica (Italy) for presenting the award.

In turn, we solemnly presented a new book about the indomitable hero city of KHARKIV as a gift to the Organizers!

 The moment of presenting the Organizers a gift from Kharkiv

Participation in such a professional event is a valuable experience!

We continue to work for a peaceful future!