Deadline for acceptance of work has been completed

Dear Friends! The deadline for accepting works was completed on March 15, and we thank everyone who sent their videos and photographs to participate in the II KHARKIV INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF ARTS AND TRAVEL – 2020!

The motto of our festival this year is not accidental – DREAMS WITHOUT BORDERS!

Having announced such a theme of the festival, we could not even think how much its meaning would become relevant in March 2020!

DREAMS WITHOUT BORDERS – it’s not only about how important it is not only to dream about traveling, but also to boldly translate your dream into reality despite possible difficulties. And this is not only about the beauty of our boundless WORLD!

DREAMS WITHOUT BORDERS – this is primarily about PEOPLE who once went on a trip, shot wonderful shots, created wonderful films and photographs.

Their films do not know closed borders!

Each person from anywhere in the world at any moment of his life, having watched the work of these people, can instantly visit France, Italy or China, Antarctica and Ecuador or Montenegro … and those more than 100 countries that we saw in the competitive works of our participants .

DREAMS WITHOUT BORDERS – this is also about us – the KHARKIV INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF ARTS AND TRAVEL Team – which, despite the difficulties, continues to work on creating one of the biggest festivals in Ukraine about the BEAUTY OF OUR WORLD and people who see it just like that through a video lens or cameras!

Thank you for being with us!

Our festival is scheduled for May 22-24, 2020.
Given the force majeure circumstances and the difficult situation in the country and the world, we constantly monitor the possibility of holding the festival and its format.

Nevertheless, our work on the festival continues!
All entries go through the first competitive stage of the festival – qualifying.

Stay tuned for our next posts, please!

In the meantime … We wish everyone patience, peace, health and inspiration!

With respect and gratitude,