Lavra. Save The World

✈️ Traveling artists from different countries capture the beauty of our infinitely beautiful world during their journeys. Many objects of shooting and photography are ancient palaces and temples, cities and architectural monuments.

❓ What for? To preserve their incredible emotions of admiration and to share them with the audience. The architectural monuments of countries are a silent reminder of the history and wisdom of the people who created them.
? The first shots of this video were filmed by the artist – videographer from Germany Valery Riyako
This is the Sviato-Uspensk Svyatogirsk Lavra (Ukraine, Donetsk region) – the Holy Mountains, an ancient sanctuary of Ukraine. The video has been shot when there was no war.
⚡️ Today, the sanctuary is partially destroyed due to attacks…
??‍♂️ We, artists, cannot stop wars, but we have the opportunity to say something important to millions of people with our art!
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