🌐 1,411 contestants from 103 countries of the world submitted applications for participation in the competition. ✈ The largest number of applications received from India, Iran, USA, Turkey, France, Germany, Italy, Ukraine and Spain! 🌐 The works of contestants from the following countries were also accepted: Brazil, Great Britain, Mexico, Argentina, Portugal, Poland, Canada, Greece, […]

This year the image of the festival is created by a talented Kharkov artist – Tatyana Voloshina! Tatyana’s works are magical worlds woven from plants and fantasies inspired by those many countries where the artist has already managed to visit… Just take a look below!

Become part of the largest travel-themed film festival in Ukraine – “ARTTRAVEL” (Ukraine, Kharkiv, May 22-24) We are looking for volunteers who: love art and travel; they want to get acquainted with the world’s travel bloggers, photographers and moviegoers; love cinema as madly as we do; want to completely break the stereotypical vision of foreigners […]

Press conference of the organizers of the Kharkov International Festival of the Screen Arts and Photography Competition KHARKIV INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF ARTS AND TRAVEL. Especially for participants and friends of our festival! Press conference with translation in English! Speakers: Anna Kurennaya, Author of the festival idea and Chairman of the organizing committee; Alexander Chernobay, Deputy […]

Kharkiv International Festival of Arts and Travel is pleased to be a small part of a large and professional team that received these honors at the Awards ceremony of Ukrainian cities and organizations “for the development of the tourism industry” from the Verkhovna Rada Committee in Kyiv. Our big thanks to the Deputy Director of […]

The first professional festival of screen arts and travel photography “Kharkiv International Festival of Arts and Travel” was held on May 25, 2019, in Kharkov (Ukraine). It was attended by video bloggers, photographers and cameramen from 11 countries: from Ukraine, India, Nepal, Poland, Turkey, Ecuador, Germany, Spain, Great Britain, Switzerland and Iran. According to the […]